Hair and Spirit

Brilliant wave riding and tune from Heinrich, one of my local spots riders who taught me how to kitesurf back when I was still at school….big hero. Representing. Repspekta @heinrichrohwer

Look out for footage from Strand in South Africa (my homeslice) best spot in the world!!! X

'Thembi' the film

She introduced herself to the world with something she called her HIV prayer. “Hello, HIV, you trespasser,” Young and beautiful, Thembi emerged from the shantytowns of South Africa on a mission to take on HIV. She travelled the world, met Barack Obama and spoke to congress. During her short life Thembi lived strong and proud, her words gave hope to millions and she welcomed cameras and thus the world into her life; this heartrending doc takes you inside her incredible journey.

Thembi is a gem of a film, a living, breathing portrait of someone that it is good to know. What an extraordinary woman, bright and brave, and a bit mysterious.
4 min trailer
Watch the full film here

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