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Mail & Guardian 200 Young South Africans

flew to SA last week to attend the unveiling of the Mail & Guardians top 200 young South Africans 2011. 

a sneaky photo taken using the mirrored ceiling

The unveiling was held at Randlords, said to be Johanesburg’s most exclusive venue. Took the lift up to the 22nd floor and stepped out into a room buzzing with special energy and  met the movers and shakers of South Africa. The 360 degree view of Johannesburg was also incredible. Im not really a city girl but this was impressive. 

We were chosen for our impact, our creativity and the resonance of our values with the project of building the South Africa that we all want to live in: Vibrant, prosperous, equitable, diverse and hungry for the challenges of growth and change.  The Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans cuts through the cliches to find the most thrilling potential precisely where it emerges from a context full of challenge , bewilderment ad oppurtunity. 

When I receieved an email from the editor saying that I was nominated for this I got very excited! As the youth of South Africa, we are the ones to change and shape our own futures and futures for our children to be. I have had a hard past 3 months recovering from a big knee operation so this was a big ego boost for me and has got me moving again. Watching everyone kiting from my window in Rhosenigr didnt help.  I thought I was  going crazy!  I cant kite for another 9 months so I have to find something else to concentrate on apart from growing chillis and herbs, and making sushi ( which I have found is very therapuetic.)

Me with some of the movers and shakers of SA: 


I was then told that I made the list along with big names like Jordy Smith, Bianca Buitendag, (surfers), Hanlil Prinsloo, ( Freediver and consevationsit) Hashim Amla, (Batsman) Charl Schwartzel, ( Golfer who won 2010 British Open) and Ryan Sanders ( Ultra-marathon trial runner).

It was inspiring to meet such leaders of their fields. The list consisted of amazing people in Arts & Culture, Business and Law, Civil Society, Enviroment, Education, Health, Media, Politics and Govermnet, Science and technology and Sport. 

I felt swanky eating oysters in one hand and champagne in the other. Dressed to impress and verrry fancyy! Had an amazing evening and went home feeling inspired and a little tipsy. 

You can also see me on the Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South African website:


I have had a holiday these past 6 weeks of recovery. The sun has been shining in Rhosneigr, on the isle of Anglesey, and I have been lazing in the sun, tending to my strawberry plants and chillis and taking good care of my knee.

checking out my knee on xray - now worth 10 000 more

Went for the 6-week check up and the surgeon was super happy with the results. He got very excited when he played around with my knee exclaiming “its a nice strong one” about the achilles allograft acl ligament.

The Cocodomals have affected me on a much higher scale than the pain in my knee. The world just seems to slow down and droop around when I have one. I’m really lucky to have friends who have shape shifted into butlers, chefs, pancake makers, rappers, gardeners, sunshine cleaners and rays a light in my world! Big up for helping me on the road to Zion.

The physio exercises have helped me strengthen my muscles which have broken down in the process of the op. Its amazing how thin and floppy my left leg has become…the surgeon warned that the muscle breakdown would continue for a while after the op but 100% strength will be gained in time.

Beach hobbling and Sushi slicin’

supplements along the way….Glucosamine is excellent for the joints…but remember to take it with some form of Omega 3.

more yum sushi dushi!


Just woke up and checked the news.

Flexifoil presents the Proton, a natural evolution from last year’s model. Aimed squarely at freerider and waveriders, the Proton offers easy relaunch, predictable flight, stability and quick turns, giving you everything you need to take on the waves or simply cruise across the flats with comfort.

An exceptional all-rounder that is suited to riders of every level, you can be sure that the stability, predictability and responsiveness that this kite offers will give the headstart you need to concentrate on those board skills, be it in the barrel of a wave or simply tacking those first few runs straight out of school.

I love it. The Rasta colours make me feel good :)

Cant wait to get my hands on one when Im recovered!