Hair and Spirit


Boom, nice sushi dushi
  Poke, poke, stoke
  Take the smoke
  sticky like egg yolk
Mope like street dope
  after the coke
  Oh, so broke
  But i gotta code
  I trod on a toad
  Got into the mother load
  straight after licked its node
  You got the mode
  big like a ‘roid
‘Cause I been down David Lloyds
  with all the weird droids
Pumped up tight like dreadlocks
  smoking da crack rocks
  Breaking down door locks
  until the bullets put you in a box
  Underground in a mound
  listening to the underground sound
  What goes around comes around
  It’s a clear seal deal
  You gotta start living in the real
  Deal or no deal, live to fly high
  Look at me, for you to envy
  You have lived when you die
  Who’s the new lord on the ward?
  Supplying the hardest grade to a ravenous hoard
  Breaking down the barriers of this government fraud
  ministers whacked on crack
  We gotta get back on track
  take our country back
  and die by the sword
  I’m going hyper like a windscreen wiper
  Boom, pimp with a limp
‘Cause it’s a female
  Made a mistake with the sex
  she don’t need no EMS
  She jump high
  She fly high
  She know how to make you stand up, no lie
  Freak your second mind up